Why Buy Coleman Tents? 

Why Buy Coleman Tents?

We had enough sense to go into the rain.


Water is great for swimming, fishing and kayaking. But nobody wants to sleep in it.

And nobody with a Coleman® tent does.

No matter how soggy it gets outside, you’ll stay dry inside. We went to great lengths to ensure that our tents are watertight. We literally built a “rain room” at our factory. And in it, we can simulate varying amounts of rainfall, all the way from constant drizzle to heavy downpour.

What we have to show for all the precipitation is a collection of camping tents engineered like no other. Dwellings with an exclusive batch of features that comprise the Weathertec™ System.

One key element is an inverted floor seam design. By turning the tent inside out to sew the floor to the wall, we position the needle holes and seam thread inside the tent, out of the weather. Then we fold bias tape over the seam and double stitch the whole shebang.

Makes for a pretty water-impervious floor.

Something else we found out in the rain room is that the fly seam most likely to leak is (can you guess?) the one where the ridge pole puts pressure against the needle holes. By taping over that seam, we made the rainfly more water-resistant. You will still need to seam seal. It will waterproof all seams it is applied to.

Add to those revelations a few other good ideas, like polyurethane-coated fabric, water-repellent thread, a curved roof design to funnel off water, and you’ve got yourself a port in a storm. A very dry port.

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