Why Buy Coleman Lanterns? 

Why Buy Coleman?

50 Million Points of Light


It was the first product we created, so it stands to reason that our logo is a lantern.

Coleman has built more than 50 million of them, since W.C. Coleman made the first one in 1901. That’s a lot of lanterns. It’s hardly an exaggeration to say we know more about designing outdoor lighting products than anyone else.

From day one, we stepped to the drawing board with a better idea. In the early years, W.C. Coleman realized gas would burn cleaner and more efficiently than the smoky, smelly kerosene which fueled the lanterns of the time.

And he was right. His gas lanterns burned remarkably better. In fact during Word War I, the U.S. government declared the Coleman® lantern an essential product because it extended the daylight hours of farmers who fed the troops overseas.

Today Coleman continues to revolutionize lantern manufacturing.

Our lanterns combine the cumulative wisdom of a century of lantern designs with a steady stream of innovative ideas. We make dozens of models, operated on propane, liquid fuel and batteries.

Some have InstaStart™ technology, so you don’t have to fight matches on a windy night. Others can be turned on with a simple remote control. The compact, lightweight lanterns easily fit into backpacks while powerful two-mantle lanterns are bright enough to illuminate the entire backyard.

A foundation of our product line, our traditional propane lanterns have the PerfectFlow™ Pressure Control System that ensures a steady fuel stream, even in cold weather, at high altitudes and on low fuel. Fully adjustable, the steady flow of fuel prevents flickering and flaring, so you’ll have an even light as long as you need it.

With Coleman lanterns, you can forget messy mantle changes and rattling globes. Using our Insta-Clip™ mantles takes just a few seconds, so you don’t have to tie one ever again. Made of heat-resistant glass, our globe stabilizers stop the rattle, so there’s nothing to give you a scare.

As sure as the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, you can count on Coleman® lanterns to light the night.

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