Why buy Coleman Coolers? 

Why Buy Coleman Coolers?

Staying cool under fire.


We know what we’re doing when it comes to coolers. We’ve been making them for a good long-while. In fact, Coleman is responsible for the advent of the plastic cooler. All that cold keeping capability in our hard coolers can be chalked up to plentiful amounts of polyurethane foam insulation around which is wrapped a rugged polyethylene exterior.

In addition to being such conscientious cold-keepers, our coolers possess a bunch of other lovable characteristics. Like faucets that are recessed to protect them from getting damaged. A patented faucet design that ensures instant shutoff. Coolers with built-in scales to measure fish.

There’s a Coleman® cooler for everyone and for every activity. Intelligently designed by people who, like you, crave cold.

And hey, if a cooler can survive an inferno, a blistering summer day is a snap.

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