Coleman® COMFORTSmart® Technology



Prevents zipper snags by plowing fabric away from zipper



Reduces heat loss through the zipper, keeping you warmer


Comfort Cuff™

Surrounds your face with softness


Roll Control™

Locks bag in place for
easier rolling


Certified Temperature Rating

Independently tested for temperature accuracy


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Prevents insulation from shifting, increasing durability


Zipper Glide™Tailoring

Allows smooth zipper operation around the corner


Coleman understands the importance of accurate temperature ratings. We have scientifically calculated temperature ratings based on insulation values obtained through the American Society of Testing and Materials. With this research in mind, clearly marked COLEMAN® packaging describes which activities each bag is best suited for and at what temperatures. Each COLEMAN® sleeping bag is designed and sold for the most comfortable overnight stay, at home and away.


Customers come in all sizes. For those built husky or tall, our extra wide or extra long bags offer added investment benefit. Some campers prefer extra room to permit greater freedom of movement inside the bag. Remember though, the more extra space inside the bag, the more the body has to work to heat the space.