These sturdy camping games from the trusted Coleman brand give the kids a fun way to enjoy the outdoors. Choose from Horse Shoes, Washer Toss, Bean Bag Toss and Badminton, or tote along a variety of games. Having fun games to play keeps kids entertained. Unlike device-based games, these active camping games encourage time spent outdoors.

Benefits of Playing Classic Camping Games

The games give structured activity for kids to keep them from becoming bored on holiday. Playing Badminton increases coordination as the players attempt to hit the birdie over the net with their rackets. The toss games can be enjoyed by one or more players of all ages. Camping games for kids are fun for adults, too.

For fairness, use a stick to mark lines on the ground for players to stand behind. Young children get to make throws close to the target and the older children, teens and adults have to throw from greater distances. Awarding prizes for the highest score can keep kids engaged in the games longer.

These quality camping games help kids develop aim, dexterity, cooperation and sporting behaviour whilst playing at the campsite. Built of quality materials, they'll remain favourite pastimes for years. The games are easy to pack and offer a way for kids to burn off energy at stops on car trips, too. Teach kids friendly competition and healthy play on your camping holidays with Coleman's camping games for kids.