Cooking and Heating

Coleman®’s have been producing portable camp stoves since 1923, and it is not uncommon for people to still be using those original stoves! In fact the Coleman GI Pocket Stove was named as one of the two most important pieces of non-combative equipment by US troops in WWII. Since those early days we have continued to innovate in both LPG and Dual Fuel cooking products. Coleman were the first to introduce a portable grill and the Hot Water On Demand Unit into the outdoor camping gear range.
There's nothing like whipping up a memorable meal in the great outdoors. Coleman has a range of products from lightweight portable stoves through to portable grills - something for every outdoor master chef.

The Coleman Difference

  • Made from the best materials
  • Multiple fuelling options, LPG, Coleman Fuel and Unleaded
  • Innovative solutions, from the WWII Pocket stove through to the first ever portable grill
  • Up to a five year guarantee
  • Unique and unrivalled technology