Coleman has been designing and manufacturing coolers for over 50 years. Coleman coolers come in all shapes and sizes but there are four main categories to think about. Chest Coolers, Jugs, Personal Coolers and Xtreme Coolers. The Xtreme range of coolers is the top of the Coleman range. Guaranteed to keep ice for 5 Days at 32 degrees, these coolers are extra rugged and super insulated, so they're the perfect piece of camping equipment for a longer camping trip. The Chest and personal coolers are guaranteed for 4 days ice at 32 degrees. So they are still great coolers you just need to choose which size suits you and if you want wheels or not.

    Coleman have been developing and refining insulated coolers for over 50 years. So when you buy Coleman, you know you can keep your cool.

    • The Coleman Difference
    • Future friendly insulation, contains no CFCS, HFCS or HCFCS which deplete the ozone.
    • They're built tough to resist dents, scratches, cracks and leaks.
    • Quality Checked 
    • One cooler from every batch produced is cut in half to asses the insulation.
  • Tested To The Limit
    • To test our ice retention claims our coolers are put through a strict testing procedure. A solid block of ice is placed inside the cooler. We put our coolers in giant ovens at 30 degrees Celsius. The test ends when the ice has melted. The cooler is not touched or opened during the test process.